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General Terms and Conditions - bierportal.de

General Terms and Conditions - bierportal.de

Article and validity

a) Agreements between Michael Karl (in further „bierportal.de“) and the contracting party (in further „Partner“) are closed.

b) All orders are locked exclusively to the available “general trading conditions”. Deviating agreements require writing.


a) As far as the partner uses in the context of the use of the portal software of bierportal.de, bierportal.de does not grant to the partner, so far expressly differently regularly, simple, a not transferable, temporally on the currency of the contract and contentwise on the use limited right of use to the own use. Large rights of use are not granted to the partner.

b) Bierportal.de does not take responsibility for number and quality over the bierportal.de coming contacts, the correctness of the contact contacts and other exchanged data.

c) Bierportal.de has the right to close also with competitors of partners of contracts over the representation and circuit from offers and contents to. A Konkurrenz-ausschluss is not possible.

d) Bierportal.de is justified to the notice, if the achievement contribution is not possible for negotiations due to higher force and is rejected for contract adjustment because of the changed circumstances by the partner or to fail.

e) Bierportal.de is justified, for purposes of maintenance and for the execution of repairs the accessibility of the portal or private person services or parts to interrupt in for the partners reasonable extent.

Right one and obligations of the partners

a) The partner commits itself to communicate for the registration or order queried the data carefully and after best knowledge bierportal.de and no misleading to indicate wrong or incomplete data.

b) The production of contents is incumbent on the partner. Bierportal.de makes each-early change and deletion of contents for the partner possible.

c) The partner grants bierportal.de temporally and spatially for an unlimited period all for the stipulated use and publication of contents to necessary rights.

d) The partner commits itself to permit no third the use of the portal under its name or with its entrance data. The rights of the partner are transferable only if bierportal.de its previous written agreement gave for transmission.

e) The partner has to keep its entrance data protected against the access through third. The personal password is to be changed for safety reasons in regular intervals. The change can be made by the partner at any time on-line. With justified suspicion that the entrance data of a partner are used unauthorized through third, it is justified bierportal.de to set an entrance barrier. The partner is informed about it and gets new entrance data sent.

f) The partner has to omit in particular:
  • Entries with right or immoral contents.
  • Contents, which are pornographisch, the war wonderful and suitable are to endanger or to impair in their well-being children or young people morally with difficulty.
  • spreading slanders, call or business-damaging expressions as well as contributions of illegal contents.
  • each form of abuse, that from the bierportal.de ? web pages won information to purposes of the advertisement or the address forwarding of each art.
  • each form of Spam or MAIL BOMBING.
  • to try ever in any form, the sides, to manipulate whose contents or the program sequences or to affect the safety systems negatively of bierportal.de.
g) If the partner does not adhere to the points mentioned, the bierportal.de right reserves itself to close the entrance of the partners and delete its entries.

h) The partner is not justified to use the marks and/or logos of bierportal.de to show to spread, to publish, to change or in other way use, it is, bierportal.de before expressly in writing agreed. Furthermore the partner is obligated to consider stranger in and foreign author or trademark laws.

Monetary transaction and terms of payment

a) On-line or in writing given order is obligatory on the partner and is valid for on behalf ordered duration.

b) The entgeltlichen services are subject in principle in each case to fixed accounting periods. One accounting period lasts in principle twelve months, it is, it results from separate contractual agreements another.

c) The payment of the order sum is due after placing of order without departure. The placement of the entry or the circuit and/or the advertisement takes place immediately after receipt of payment.

d) All of bierportal.de prices mentioned understand themselves net plus USt and are due without departure. Bierportal.de proves the value added tax separately.

e) At fruitless operational sequence of the period indicated in the payment reminder bierportal.de is liberating for the duration of a delay of payment from the obligation to the achievement contribution. During the delay bierportal.de is in particular justified to close the entrance as well as all announcements of the partner until you are credited the owed amount.

f) Furthermore Bierportal.de is authorized, per justified payment reminder as well as per justified reminder a handling charge from EUR 4, - (zzgl. USt.) to raise.

g) The partner has to pay the bierportal.de additionally developing bank costs, if its account does not exhibit necessary covering or it contradicts the collection.

Guarantee and adhesion

a) All information is provided of bierportal.de with care. Nevertheless no guarantee for correctness, completeness and topicality of the information can be transferred in the Web offer.

b) The achievement contribution by bierportal.de is subject to the restriction that services can be impaired be available in the Internet after the present conditions of the technical and operational possibilities neither error free nor always continuously and/or troublefree and in particular by technical circumstances, line and/or tying up loss, hard and/or software faults as well as effects third (e.g. viruses). The parties are itself over the fact united that the occurrence of such interruptions and/or disturbances do not justify recourse or claims of any kind.

c) Bierportal.de cannot take over guarantee for the constant availability of advertising surfaces on the web page. The moreover one the partners do not possess a requirement on the product of the month as well as the partnership with the profit play.

d) The adhesion of bierportal.de is limited to the respective order value. As far as differently does not agree, the respective order value is valid as contract-typical, foreseeable damage, with continuous obligations the annual order value. The last two sentences are not valid for an adhesion of bierportal.de because of resolution or rough negligence.

e) An adhesion due to being to blame for third as well as with higher force is in principle explicitly excluded.


a) At all web pages including, bierportal.de possesses layout, source text and their contents or the offerers copyright and other patent rights indicated in each case. The users commit themselves to stop only such information into the bierportal.de ? portal whose copyright they have or they must catch up the agreement of the appropriate author.

Contract running time and notice

a) Contracts run, as far as nothing is differently certain, in principle twelve months with a term of notice from three calendar months. The notice requires writing (email, post office or fax).

b) The subsequent sequence of twelve months enters 10 days before expiration of the up-to-date running period, it is the contractual relation under observance above period was at this time already quit.

c)As far as expressly differently does not agree, the running time of contracts begins with the supply of the achievement by bierportal.de

Changes of these trading conditions

a) If individual regulations of the contract should be futile, ineffective or contestable or it becomes then the other regulations remain untouched by it and are then to be laid out in such a way and/or supplemented that the intended purpose is reached as exactly as possible in legally permissible way.





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