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About us

What is the beer portal?

The branch portal - www.bierportal.de - places an international platform approximately around topic beer production, - and communication drove out. The beer portal offers current and extensive information for all suppliers, manufacturers and customers involved in the process “beer”.

As branch portal for breweries and enterprises that monthly more registers than 12,000 visitors, it limits it not only to Germany the manufactured and refugee beer, but is offered also large information to breweries and enterprises in Europe.

A goal of the branch portal is it to offer at any time a comprehensive overview over the breweries and enterprises existing in the beer industry and these information continuously to extend in particular in order international breweries and enterprises.

Which advantages does the beer portal offer?

The beer portal offers excellent possibilities for the setting up and to the care of national and international business relations. They can profit on the one hand from the topicality of the Web portal, on the other hand have you the possibility of presenting your enterprise in various way. Thus you create an individual increase in value! The beer portal makes the entry in the industries for you possible:

Which information does the beer portal offer?

Basis of the beer portal is the current representation of the breweries existing in Germany, which are represented after Federal states accordingly. The breweries become with complete address and, if available, with an email address indicated.

This gives you the possibility of sending inquiries to these breweries over the beer portal. Beyond that our Internet site has a representation of European breweries. Beside the breweries the beer portal represents the enterprises standing with the process “beer” in connection.

For this the possibility is ordered to the enterprises concerned to assign themselves and/or several industries and introduce themselves with its enterprise data.

Further the “market place” is to you as platform for offers/sales or requests of purchases at the disposal. Here requirements can in detail descriptive and branchspecifically (bspw. Machines/plants or raw materials) to be categorized. To the fast establishment of contact the market place offers the representation of its contact contacts including the enterprise Internet sites and email address to registered enterprises. The adjusted articles on the market place can be administered simply over the service range.

Finally the “job exchange” offers an ideal contact possibility for breweries and enterprises of delivering place requirements to deposit or for private people corresponding job applications. Private people can assign themselves fixed employment or stipulation of a time limit, Diplomanden, practical course, training or self-employed person to the categories. The publication on a branchspecific Internet site increases thus the chance to address concrete enterprises or breweries directly to ensure a fast establishment of contact.

Besides a made anonymous job search or a made anonymous job offer is available by cipher. Do you look for besides a suitable advertising possibility? The beer portal has different banner sizes, which a target group exact advertisement makes possible.

How can you present yourselves in the beer portal?

That is completely simple! We offer three different possibilities of the enterprise presentation to you

The standard tariff

The registration to the standard tariff is free for your enterprise. We offer a so-called portal presence, i.e. the entry of your enterprise in one of the industries to you

The representation of your enterprise contains the enterprise data:

The basis tariff

The basis tariff contains all advantages the standard tariff. It offers beyond that an improved portal presence, by being able to assign yourselves in up to five different industries. The representation of your enterprise contains beside the enterprise data:

Beyond that your enterprise is linked according to your deposited address with Google Maps, so that for prospective customers the geographical location immediately and start your enterprise becomes visible. The registration to the basis tariff costs p. a.120, - Euro. For enterprises of the basis tariff the use of the market place is free.

The professional tariff

The professional tariff contains all advantages the basis tariff and represents the optimum portal presence for you. They can register you in up to ten different industries. Besides this enterprise presentation offers the conception of a Unternehmensportraits and your assortment to you. Beside the enterprise data contained in the basis tariff further information is representable to your enterprise:

The professional tarif offers the free use of the market place and the job exchange to you as well as the proclamation of enterprise vents and information meetings. The registration to the Professionaltarif costs per annum 240, - Euro

We are available gladly when questions and suggestions. For the correctness and completeness of third contents and representations stopped on our Internet sites give we no guarantee and are responsible for this not.





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